Signs That Indicates Your Need to See the Dentist

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Practicing dental care at home is not enough to secure excellent oral health. Despite being compliant to brushing twice a day, flossing at least once, and rinsing regularly, you may still encounter some problems that need professional assistance. That is because, for one, there are areas in the mouth that toothbrush bristles or even dental floss can’t reach. As a result, these areas become more susceptible to cavities or other serious complications.

We at Haake Family Dental encourage everyone never to avoid dental appointments for whatever reasons since we know the possible consequences it can cause. And aside from routine visits, it is also essential for everyone to know when to seek professional assistance in between. For you to understand the important signs to watch out for, we prepared a list below:

dental check-up

Chronic bad breath

Although there are people who experience bad breath periodically, it is not something that should be experienced all the time. Anyone who is suffering from recurring bad breath is affected both physically and mentally. During social interactions, having bad breath can break a person’s confidence or even cause them to develop social anxiety. To get help, address the concern to your dentist for them to identify the cause of the problem, and provide a solution.

Loose teeth

Having loose teeth is only normal for children who still have their primary teeth intact. However, as an adult, your teeth should be firmly rooted in the jaw. If signs for being loose are present, it is a red flag that a dental appointment should be scheduled. If actions are not taken for your loose teeth, chewing and talking are more likely to cause the teeth to become damaged or even fall out.


Several reasons can cause your mouth to bleed, which includes brushing vigorously or flossing after quite some time. If the mouth consistently bleeds every time you brush your teeth, professional attention should be sought. Bleeding gums is actually the first symptom that indicates the presence of gum disease.

Sores that don’t go away

Sores in the mouth are not only uncomfortable but inconvenient and unattractive as well. Some of the most common reasons for sores to appear are the body’s response to stress, infections, and hormones. If it so happened that the sores don’t seem to heal or that it reoccurs, booking an appointment for professional assistance is best.

If the signs listed above or any other irregularities are experienced in the mouth, you should seek professional attention for proper diagnosis and treatment. Or better yet, schedule
Regular Checkups in Overland Park, KS! With the help of professional cleanings, full examination, DIAGONODent digital cavity detection, digital x-rays, and oral cancer screenings at Haake Family Dental, our dentists are sure to detect potential issues and take action before they can cause trouble in the first place.