Make a Change in Six Months by Straightening the Teeth!

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There are a lot of things that can be achieved in six months, how about throwing in the goal of getting straighter teeth? Yes, you definitely read that correctly. People can now have their teeth straightened in just six short months in contrast to the one to two year period of the conventional approach. 

The accelerated form of orthodontics is thanks to the continuous advances in the field of technology. Instead of spending years before getting the outcome patients want, in just a few months, significant changes can be achieved. In doubt? Know that the process may have been shortened but it follows the same concept as the traditional procedure. Brackets and wires are still utilized to move the teeth to their proper places, but instead of metal, plastic and tooth-colored materials are used.

Six Month Smiles

All About Six Month Smiles

The procedure can be availed by most patients who are thinking of having their teeth straightened but find the conventional option unideal. It includes patients who already underwent the procedure in the past but failed to comply in the wear of retainers. Six Month Smiles is highly ideal for people with cosmetic concerns that affect the front portion of their smile. For patients who are thinking of availing the said procedure, it is best to undergo an initial consultation for the dentist to check the state of the teeth, consider the patient’s lifestyle, as well as their budget to know if they are good candidates for the orthodontic treatment.

The Benefits Six Month Smiles Offer

Better comfort

Contrary to what most people believe, Six Month Smiles may follow the same concept as metal braces, but they offer better comfort. It is all thanks to the consistent yet gentle force it applies twenty-four hours every day to move the teeth to their proper places with less discomfort.

Better aesthetics

Aside from discomfort, a mouthful of metal can also make anyone self-conscious about themselves. Fortunately, this is no longer the case with Six Month Smiles due to the materials it uses. Aside from effectivity, the treatment also offers a more discreet approach in teeth straightening.

If you already have things planned out for the next six months, why not do it while straightening your teeth with us at Haake Family Dental! Achieve great things and have the confidence to express yourself by having a straight and healthy smile.

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