From Beginning to End: Things to Expect with Invisalign

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Numerous people are seeing the dentist annually to have their teeth straightened with the help of orthodontic treatments. Thankfully, they are no longer restricted to just one approach. Several treatments are now available that are sure to cater to the needs of a particular patient. For example, here at Haake Family Dental, our patients who are conscious about their looks can feel more confident by undergoing a discreet orthodontic procedure in the form of Invisalign.

Due to the advantages, the said clear aligner treatment offers, more and more people are enticed to give it a go. So for everyone who is considering to have their teeth discreetly yet effectively straightened, here are the things to expect from start to finish!


The Invisalign Process

Knowing the things to expect throughout the teeth straightening procedure can make it clear for everyone that the approach is the best course for them to take. So, here are the five steps in getting straighter, healthier teeth with Invisalign.

Initial appointment

During the visit, the dentist will be asking about the cosmetic goal they are aiming for. They will also be checking the current state of the teeth to know if the issue can be fixed using an aligner instead of braces. If Invisalign is not a suitable treatment, the patient will be recommended with the ideal approach. But if the issues encountered by the patient are good candidates for the clear aligner, the things that would take place, as well as the estimated treatment duration will be discussed.

Impression taking

Depending on the schedule of a patient, this step can be performed on the same day or a separate visit. Images, x-rays, and molds of the teeth will be taken. These records will then be sent to an off-site laboratory who custom creates the orthodontic appliance to serve as the model.

Fitting time

As soon as the aligner trays are ready, the patient would once again schedule an appointment to try them on. Depending on the condition of a patient, tooth-colored attachments can be used for more effective teeth straightening. If the fit is assured, directions and further instructions will be given by the dentist. The patient will then be sent home with the set of trays that will guide the movement of the teeth.

Follow-up visits

Unlike traditional braces that require a patient to see the dentist every month, Invisalign-wearers will just need to switch aligners on the given schedule of the dentist. But, periodic appointments should still be scheduled for the dentist to keep track of the treatment’s progress.

Enjoy the results!

After the estimated treatment duration, patients are more likely to achieve the smile they have always dreamed of. At times, the treatment may be extended to make sure that the results obtained are based on their goals.

Bring out your best smile with Invisalign in Overland Park, KS, book your appointments with Haake Family Dental! Call us to experience amazing treatment in making your teeth straighter, beautiful, and healthy!