Answering the Questions About Mouth Guards

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If you are fond of participating in recreational activities like active sports, it is best to know how to prevent injuries to your mouth and face. For this reason, athletes wear mouth guards to help cushion a blow to the face, minimize the risk of broken teeth, and prevent injuries to their lips, tongue, face, or jaw. Mouth guards typically cover the upper teeth because they stick out more and take the brunt of the trauma. The bottom teeth are more protected because they are further back.

Mouth guards are one of the useful oral appliances we offer at Haake Family Dental. If you are planning to avail, here are common questions we get from patients and we provided answers as well. 

mouth guard

How are mouth guards cleaned? 

Cleaning your mouth guard is simple and easy to do. First, mouth guards must be rinsed with water before and after using. Always remember that cleaning mouth guards with toothpaste, toothbrush, or mouthwash can cause damage. Only a denture cleaner or an effervescent cleaner must be used to clean mouth guards. Lastly, you should keep the appliance inside its case when you are not using it and remember to clean the case often. 

How do I prevent myself from gagging on my mouth guard?

If you are gagging on your mouth guard, there must be something wrong with the cut. Having a mouth guard that is too high or too long for you put the material in unwanted areas. To prevent yourself from gagging, ensure that your mouth guard avoids your soft palate because it does not offer protection and only brings discomfort. The material should stop between the end of the first molar and midway through the second molar.

How do I stop myself from chewing on my mouth guard?

Just like problems with gagging, it’s the fit of your mouth guard that matters the most. Your mouth guard should firmly stay on your upper teeth during the activities you undergo. It should not be held in place by clenching with the teeth or through biting.

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